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James Wu

For the past 3.5 years, I worked at a financial tech startup in the Philippines, where I have created mini-apps and virtual storefronts in Wechat for clients. I have strong organization skills, experience with aggregating data from APIs, maintaining databases, and can manage multiple project deadlines by prioritizing key projects. I work effectively with different personalities in high-pressure environments like the trading floor and high stakes situations like sales pitches. My passion to manifest ideas into the real world for people led me to pursue a career in software engineering.

I am excited to continually grow and build things!

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This is an React frontend website with a Ruby on Rails backend Our users can use our search function to access the youtube api to find a song that they want to sing to. We have a lyrics api that will attempt to find the lyrics for the song that they want. They will also be able to add a video to sing to with a link!

Frontend | Backend | Video Demo


This is a simple JS app (with css and html support). Our users can buy and sell currencies in lots of 1,000. They can choose from a list of currencies to buy and can look at their past transactions.

Frontend | Backend | Video Demo


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